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"12 Essential Life Lessons Learned from My Personal Journey"

  1. If you want to build something worthwhile. Be ready for criticism.

  2. Your mental health is more important than your career, relationships, friends, and family. You've worked hard to get here.

  3. You become an unstoppable force when you realize, you can do it alone.

  4. Be ok with people not liking you, most people don't even like themselves.

  5. Not everything will go according to plan, always be ready to adapt. Plan B.

  6. You can always choose to be happy no matter what happens in life.

  7. Don't waste your time stressing about things you can't control.

  8. Choose a direction and make sure you surround yourself with people who have the strengths you lack.

  9. One time is a warning, and the 2nd time is a lesson when it comes to dealing with people.

  10. Always trust your gut instinct with people.

  11. It's ok to Pause, and not make any major decisions about your life until you are 100% sure this is God's will, not mine.

  12. Even  when you trust someone, keep some things to yourself.

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